Friday, June 27, 2008

Rhyme Design season

YO whut up. I know i been running my mouth about some rhyming shit. But here's where those darts i spoke about went to.

Black Tobacco is a project that i'm doing with Dutchmasters productions.
We linked up through the Kevin Nottingham site and the mutual respect musically led to this EP ( album is on deck ).
Writing this joint came easy cause Dutch is a producer i really fuck with. He makes the type of beats that i zone out heavy to. Psycologically it's easier to write to someones else's beat anyway, but when they are this hot it's beyond being a cakewalk.
When I was rhyming to his joints i found myself blacking out extra hard. Like on "20 grand exit" when the beat switched i just started singing with the record cause emotionally it just took the kid there. Son is still hitting me with joints so we will make an album.


1. New Saga

2. Fly Mindstate

3. Cinema Stackz

4. Summer of the 90's

5. The 20 grand Exit

All tracks produced by Dutchmasters Productions

Here's the Megaman Theory EP. ( yeah i dropped it june 9th but i been doing promo for the God Son remix, going outta town a lot etc etc so i'm posting it up now )

Self produced. A compilation of old and new joints.
I was in a little bit of an experimental mindstate with this. ( 2 of the joints are instrumentals made in Akira Parker mode ) But it's still got straightforward hip hop joints too ( and some inbetween shit )
The rhymes vary from personal to story telling and it is a slight prequel to my OFFICIAL album. ( that is my heaviest body of work ever )


1. The Megaman Theory

2. The Flip Tip

3. Breathe

4. Digital Tokenz ( instrumental )

5. Complex

6. SM27EB

7. Akira tried to kill Tokyo ( instrumental )

all tracks produced by Tokyo Cigar

Check out the joint.

God sons tokyo drift

Whoa. I got a little bit of a nice reaction with this one. I threw it together mad quick ( like 2 weeks on and off )
I was supposed to do "I am" ( i had the acapellas for that album ready and everything ) but i found these vocals and fate did the rest.
The original was mainly somber so i decided to give mine a hard feel.
Like for "get down" the harshness of the lyrics were overtaken by the jazzyness of the beat. So i went for some straight razorblade cold bone hard shit. I mean come on, he was talking bout being a kid and almost shooting someone, watching a friends murder trial go to hell in a basket and was almost murdered himself in the tracks storylines so what i gave the track was TENSION.
Each song on the album required a different feel but i think i did my thing on "zone out" ( whut up bgeezie thanks for the love u gave this track ). I liked how quirky the original was but i went for that straight QB hard hip hop sound with my remix. ( with some xtra sprinkles on top ).
Remixing shit has been pretty fun. I started doing it febuary this year and it has helped me get my name out a little. Plus i got MAD BEATS so it helps me put them out rather than let em sit till i sell em.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Yo Kevin Nottingham just posted the THIS IS HIP HOP REMIXTAPE NEW YORK EDITION. It feels crazy to know one of my joints made it on the album. Kevin really looked out for the kid cause he put it on on the strenght of him liking it. Makin moves yall makin moves word to Royal Flush and Mic Geronimo. Mad love to everyone involed in that joint.

check it out.

On my Emcee swag

In the past few weeks i've been cooking up ANOTHER remix album ( i think i need to get some sort of medication to deal with the addiction or sumthin ), writing for the collab EP i'm doing with Dutchmasters productions ( whut up Bgeezie ) and got started on finishing up the Megaman Theory EP.

Not to mention getting new drum sounds which you'll hear on the new remix album. ( Emu sp-12 drum kits in the house )

I just realized that i gotta learn how to chill and get more focus in life. Cause i just got back into town from a qucik little trip to Delaware and on the way coming back while thinking up a hook for Black Tobacco i realized that i was supossed to drop the Megaman Theory TODAY. June 9th will be the official jump off NO EXCUSES. But honestly speaking when i got the beats from Bgeezie they just threw me into MC mode hard so i just continued the streak i started with writing for the Meagman Theory. I started out rhyming but production just wound up taking over as a passion. So when i get into pick up the pen mode i gotta go hard so i got rhymes and SONGS in the stash for when i need em.


Black Tobacco and my next remix project will be out in like another week.

The Meagaman Theory June 9th

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mood Muzik 3 The Tokyo Cigar Remix Album

Remixing this joint was some shit. My boy Mason kept on yelling out that Joe Budden was the truth and even though tracks like "calm down" from his debut caught my attention, he still flew below my radar most times. But dude blessed me with a copy of mood muzik 3 and i was blown the fuck away. The brutal honesty did it for me. Hip Hop really need to hear an artist like this cause he really is the voice of A LOT of stressed people out there.
Lets face it life is iller than ever right now and the are a lot more Joe budden's than Jay z's walking around.
With the AZ joint ( big up to those that gave the kid props on that like Dan Love and BGeezie i really appreciate that ) i went cinematic, so with this joint it was pure EMOTION involved. Like on "warfare" I wanted to make the beat have cats ready to wild out and break sumthin. I gave "Hiatus" that nervous breakdown feel where you damn near feel the walls are closing in. Joe was spitting nothing but that shit that you feel so i wanted the music to get in your veins. But real talk, Dub b, The Klassics and the other producers that did the original put in a lot of work so half stepping was not an option. ( well honestly it never really is an option ) Check it out
Tokyo Cigar "The Meagman Theory" EP
Production on The Morbid Zombie Massacre EP and album
Akira Parker "Cyborgs Riding Trains" ( instrumental album ) and more joints on deck.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Peace 2 Yo MTV raps

Peace to Fab 5 Freddy ( who rocked the shades hard before Diddy ), Ed Lover, Doctor Dre, T Money, Todd 1 and everybody involved in that joint. MTV is celebrating Yo's 20th anniversary and the videos they been showing damn near brought tears to my eyes. ( tell me catching the Geto Boys "mind playing tricks" after not seeing it in a while wouldnt make you spazz out ) Fuck the memories associated with the era, the creativity, artistry and individuality was what truly took it to the next level.

Breaks and samples were being layered, twisted, mutated and spit back out as representations of genius enhanched by being limited. (who would have thought a song as butter smooth as Mike's "Human Nature" could be turned into a head nodder such as "it aint hard to tell" which Extra P gave to Nas) Every body has their opinions on what the best era was ( 70's babies v.s. 80's babies ) but the point that always hits me about it was YOU COULD HAVE AN ARGUEMENT ABOUT IT CAUSE THERE WAS SO MUCH GOOD SHIT.
My opinion ? Shit i'm 29 ( 80's baby yeah yeah ) the ninties were my shit. I danced to "Fight the power" but "Enter the Wu tang 36 chambers" was my first mind fuck. Ahh i can just remember it now (cue in the Ahmad "back in the days" track ) it was early 94 when i heard it. I was used to Erick Sermons funk ( "whut thee album" was the first tape i ever fell in love with ), the west coast's elegant or hyper agressive joints and the enhanced obscure jazz joints of east coast diggers, not what RZA would do to my brain. Hip Hop was damn near NOT SUPPOSED TO SOUND LIKE THIS but thank God it did. Rza used the sp 1200 and eps 16 ( el p is the only other producer that comes close with that keyboard ) to maxiumum capacity took his influences and defied convention in the best way possible. ( then hid did again consitently for years but i cant get into that now ) Hip hop continued to show so many different styles that it kept you on your toes because you damn near did'nt know what would come next.

Yo MTV Raps chronicled that era flawlessly and enhanced my knowledge of hip hop incredibly. I watched it in London, Lagos, Dublin, Viriginia wherever. The reason i wrote this is because every beat i made, rhyme i wrote, cypher or stage i hit ( with my crew or by my damn self ) and shows i went to see was directy birthed by those episodes i watched. I aint from New York so i cant say i was there in the streets to witness the birth, but when it hit me.....It was pure, it was love and it was TRUE.

So for anyone who missed it ( and for those who wanna flashback ) Check out the INCREDIBLE cypher from Yo's Last Show. I was in England when i saw this and best believe the boy had that funny feeling that hits your guts when you know something great was about to come to an end.


Part 2

Friday, April 18, 2008

A.W.O.L Tokyo Cigar remix album

As promised. The A.W.O.L. remix album.

Now some back story on the joint.

It was all a dream i used to read word up magazine, then years later i saw AWOL 1.5 at Best Buy and decided it would be fun to remix this joint.
AZ had been ripping up a lot of soul tracks at the time and i decided to switch up the steezo a little. So rather than soulfull i went for a more cinematic sound. ( i mean hey, he was always one of hip hop's most visual m.c.'s so why not do it? ). I did this joint a while back just for la burnin enjoyment and only sent a few copies out to my peoples, so i wound up rhyming on two of the beats ( big up my myspace peoples that bumped those joints ) for some "throw out there" joints to warm up the new isht.
Then my man Kevin Nottingham at This is Hip Hop ( great blog by the way same thing goes for From da bricks, whut up Dan ) threw up the remix contest and i dug this joint out for the New York track then listened to it again and decided i should let cats peep this. As usual apart from the vocal samples i incorporate in some of my beats ALL THIS SHIT IS SAMPLE FREE. Thats just how i make beats ( i'll get into details about that later ).
Well that's all i feel like typing up about the subject. Hope you enjoy it.


JUNE 9th.
The Megaman Theory E.P. will be available for
FREE download.
The EP has 7 tracks all produced by Tokyo Cigar and the bonus instrumental track "Akira tried to kill Tokyo" produced as Akira Parker.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Once again it's on

Peace. Welcome to the Tokyo Cigar Show. Today we will be talking about the crazy ass day i just had. I woke up at around 2 pm ( long night dont ask ) and then......NOT. Nah 4 real. On this blog i'm just giving yall some music to bump, info on the moves the kid is making, and a few videos mixed in with random shit that's hardcore straight to make the brothers act stupid. ( get used to the randomly thrown in lyrics ) Thank you for tuning in. Now LETS DO THIS!!!!!

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