Sunday, April 20, 2008

Peace 2 Yo MTV raps

Peace to Fab 5 Freddy ( who rocked the shades hard before Diddy ), Ed Lover, Doctor Dre, T Money, Todd 1 and everybody involved in that joint. MTV is celebrating Yo's 20th anniversary and the videos they been showing damn near brought tears to my eyes. ( tell me catching the Geto Boys "mind playing tricks" after not seeing it in a while wouldnt make you spazz out ) Fuck the memories associated with the era, the creativity, artistry and individuality was what truly took it to the next level.

Breaks and samples were being layered, twisted, mutated and spit back out as representations of genius enhanched by being limited. (who would have thought a song as butter smooth as Mike's "Human Nature" could be turned into a head nodder such as "it aint hard to tell" which Extra P gave to Nas) Every body has their opinions on what the best era was ( 70's babies v.s. 80's babies ) but the point that always hits me about it was YOU COULD HAVE AN ARGUEMENT ABOUT IT CAUSE THERE WAS SO MUCH GOOD SHIT.
My opinion ? Shit i'm 29 ( 80's baby yeah yeah ) the ninties were my shit. I danced to "Fight the power" but "Enter the Wu tang 36 chambers" was my first mind fuck. Ahh i can just remember it now (cue in the Ahmad "back in the days" track ) it was early 94 when i heard it. I was used to Erick Sermons funk ( "whut thee album" was the first tape i ever fell in love with ), the west coast's elegant or hyper agressive joints and the enhanced obscure jazz joints of east coast diggers, not what RZA would do to my brain. Hip Hop was damn near NOT SUPPOSED TO SOUND LIKE THIS but thank God it did. Rza used the sp 1200 and eps 16 ( el p is the only other producer that comes close with that keyboard ) to maxiumum capacity took his influences and defied convention in the best way possible. ( then hid did again consitently for years but i cant get into that now ) Hip hop continued to show so many different styles that it kept you on your toes because you damn near did'nt know what would come next.

Yo MTV Raps chronicled that era flawlessly and enhanced my knowledge of hip hop incredibly. I watched it in London, Lagos, Dublin, Viriginia wherever. The reason i wrote this is because every beat i made, rhyme i wrote, cypher or stage i hit ( with my crew or by my damn self ) and shows i went to see was directy birthed by those episodes i watched. I aint from New York so i cant say i was there in the streets to witness the birth, but when it hit me.....It was pure, it was love and it was TRUE.

So for anyone who missed it ( and for those who wanna flashback ) Check out the INCREDIBLE cypher from Yo's Last Show. I was in England when i saw this and best believe the boy had that funny feeling that hits your guts when you know something great was about to come to an end.


Part 2

Friday, April 18, 2008

A.W.O.L Tokyo Cigar remix album

As promised. The A.W.O.L. remix album.

Now some back story on the joint.

It was all a dream i used to read word up magazine, then years later i saw AWOL 1.5 at Best Buy and decided it would be fun to remix this joint.
AZ had been ripping up a lot of soul tracks at the time and i decided to switch up the steezo a little. So rather than soulfull i went for a more cinematic sound. ( i mean hey, he was always one of hip hop's most visual m.c.'s so why not do it? ). I did this joint a while back just for la burnin enjoyment and only sent a few copies out to my peoples, so i wound up rhyming on two of the beats ( big up my myspace peoples that bumped those joints ) for some "throw out there" joints to warm up the new isht.
Then my man Kevin Nottingham at This is Hip Hop ( great blog by the way same thing goes for From da bricks, whut up Dan ) threw up the remix contest and i dug this joint out for the New York track then listened to it again and decided i should let cats peep this. As usual apart from the vocal samples i incorporate in some of my beats ALL THIS SHIT IS SAMPLE FREE. Thats just how i make beats ( i'll get into details about that later ).
Well that's all i feel like typing up about the subject. Hope you enjoy it.


JUNE 9th.
The Megaman Theory E.P. will be available for
FREE download.
The EP has 7 tracks all produced by Tokyo Cigar and the bonus instrumental track "Akira tried to kill Tokyo" produced as Akira Parker.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Once again it's on

Peace. Welcome to the Tokyo Cigar Show. Today we will be talking about the crazy ass day i just had. I woke up at around 2 pm ( long night dont ask ) and then......NOT. Nah 4 real. On this blog i'm just giving yall some music to bump, info on the moves the kid is making, and a few videos mixed in with random shit that's hardcore straight to make the brothers act stupid. ( get used to the randomly thrown in lyrics ) Thank you for tuning in. Now LETS DO THIS!!!!!

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