Thursday, August 27, 2009

This Shit was NUTTTTSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tarrintino DID THE DAMN THING. I was in the theather in a daze. ( trust me i talk a lot in flicks but i was so into this i kept my mouth shut ) BRAVO MY NIGGA BRAVO

Cave Kingz

Yo me and my man GC just laced the Cave Kingz EP ( i dont know where i get all these dope names from, It's a gift ) The EP is called "before there was fire...." GC on the beats ( whut up homie )and Me on the mic. GC been my mans for YEARS. We actually have done mad basement tapes back in the days and all that ( blunts, music and take out from the chinise food spot on his old block in Silver Spring GOOD TIMES!!!!! )Heads got some crazy response to it. Kevin wants to put out the album on Hipnott ( YAYYY!!! ) Shit is some GRIMY ill hip hop. I gotta admit that my rhyme skills have boosted like a mutha. I rhyme better than ever now and the Cave Kingz EP is a great indicator of my style now. I'm bout to get back into doing shows. Suckas be acting like i was'nt rhyming every week at Tru skool or something. Shout out Enoch, i just bumped into him and Watuzi a few weeks ago in DC. I aint retire, i just took a sabatical. Production is still my life but i gotta knock out this rap shit too. ( i got A LOT of shit to say )

Yo Peep the Video for "Hidden Click". Album comin SOON.

Check out the 5 track EP we did.

New shit

Yo just laced some new ill shit with my man cyclops from Jersey. I produced his single "I dont know how" ( dude did a video for it too if you act right i'll let you see it )
The joint got called "marsha brady" cause when i made the beat i named it that. ( blame the trees ) We working on an album together that should be some ill shit. "But for now just seckle" and bump this joint. Since yall behaved here goes the video too.

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