Saturday, March 14, 2009


Damn! The links for my AZ and Joe Budden remix albums are down so i gotta re up. I'll bang it out tomorrow.

The 7 year theory

This was a cool joint to put together. It's like an audio scrapbook of my production life over the past 7 years. A lot of memories in this joint right here.
Damn i miss my niggas.
Part 2 coming soon.

Hi Haters i'm back off hiatus

Wow. Bullshiting really is a full time job. I actaully forgot i had a blog. To my 2 followers sorry bout not keeping up with this.

Well, since we last spoke i put out more remix albums ( finally did one for wu ), did sample based projects using Depeche mode and the beatles white album ( whut up Danger mouse i see you ),got placements on the Soul movement fam remix album and Illtravis, linked up with a MC from chi town that i'm doing an album for and finally got a manager. The Soul movement fam joint is out right now ( i did the "new wave" remix by notion and Whisper ) and i'm waiting to hear what Trav does with the beat he picked.

Dutch and i also finished the black tobacco album. That shit came out sick as hell. Probably the best i've ever spit on the mic. Dutch came extra chunky with the beats too.

I'm so used to constantly working on stuff that i dont really focus on promoting it when it's done. In '09 i'm trying to limit the stuff i put out and actually promote the shit i get done. ( and keep up with my muthafuckin blog )

I also quit smoking ( YAYYYYY!!! ), but i've quit 5 times in 2 months ( BOOOOOO!!! ) Matter of fact i'm typing this with an almost empty pack in my pocket. One day i'm gonna get it right and stop the lung abuse.

I was trying to get up with some singers to collaborate with but cats are fronting hard. I'm doing the MZM album with my sister but it takes her forever to write shit. I did an albums worth of beats for the project but we only have 2 actual songs done. Check out the myspace to hear it.
I got 2 other moves i'm working on but i'm gonna keep them on the low till i actually make moves with them.
I also hit 30 in Febuary. ( WHOAAAAAA ) Even though i'm crazy hardbody and in the best shape of my life i'm coping with the frequent panic attacks that comes with the realization that due to personal RETARDEDNESS and being surrounded by idots in life i have'nt really realized my full potential yet. I'm not gonna quit though, cause the amount of people that still root for me to make it would beat my ass up something brutal.

Well thats about it for now. See ya soon
Here go some links to my newest ish
The 9 diagram phonix starring Wu tang clan
The White Australian album starring Notion and the Beatles

Tokyo Cigar and Depeche mode "kill the violator"
Black Tobacco "snares and Cinema" ( produced By Dutchmasters )

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