Monday, May 26, 2008


Yo Kevin Nottingham just posted the THIS IS HIP HOP REMIXTAPE NEW YORK EDITION. It feels crazy to know one of my joints made it on the album. Kevin really looked out for the kid cause he put it on on the strenght of him liking it. Makin moves yall makin moves word to Royal Flush and Mic Geronimo. Mad love to everyone involed in that joint.

check it out.

On my Emcee swag

In the past few weeks i've been cooking up ANOTHER remix album ( i think i need to get some sort of medication to deal with the addiction or sumthin ), writing for the collab EP i'm doing with Dutchmasters productions ( whut up Bgeezie ) and got started on finishing up the Megaman Theory EP.

Not to mention getting new drum sounds which you'll hear on the new remix album. ( Emu sp-12 drum kits in the house )

I just realized that i gotta learn how to chill and get more focus in life. Cause i just got back into town from a qucik little trip to Delaware and on the way coming back while thinking up a hook for Black Tobacco i realized that i was supossed to drop the Megaman Theory TODAY. June 9th will be the official jump off NO EXCUSES. But honestly speaking when i got the beats from Bgeezie they just threw me into MC mode hard so i just continued the streak i started with writing for the Meagman Theory. I started out rhyming but production just wound up taking over as a passion. So when i get into pick up the pen mode i gotta go hard so i got rhymes and SONGS in the stash for when i need em.


Black Tobacco and my next remix project will be out in like another week.

The Meagaman Theory June 9th

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mood Muzik 3 The Tokyo Cigar Remix Album

Remixing this joint was some shit. My boy Mason kept on yelling out that Joe Budden was the truth and even though tracks like "calm down" from his debut caught my attention, he still flew below my radar most times. But dude blessed me with a copy of mood muzik 3 and i was blown the fuck away. The brutal honesty did it for me. Hip Hop really need to hear an artist like this cause he really is the voice of A LOT of stressed people out there.
Lets face it life is iller than ever right now and the are a lot more Joe budden's than Jay z's walking around.
With the AZ joint ( big up to those that gave the kid props on that like Dan Love and BGeezie i really appreciate that ) i went cinematic, so with this joint it was pure EMOTION involved. Like on "warfare" I wanted to make the beat have cats ready to wild out and break sumthin. I gave "Hiatus" that nervous breakdown feel where you damn near feel the walls are closing in. Joe was spitting nothing but that shit that you feel so i wanted the music to get in your veins. But real talk, Dub b, The Klassics and the other producers that did the original put in a lot of work so half stepping was not an option. ( well honestly it never really is an option ) Check it out
Tokyo Cigar "The Meagman Theory" EP
Production on The Morbid Zombie Massacre EP and album
Akira Parker "Cyborgs Riding Trains" ( instrumental album ) and more joints on deck.

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