Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tokyo Cigar and Cyclops are THE PLEXIGLASS FOUNTAIN

The Plexiglass Fountain is Tokyo Cigar a.k.a Akira Parker and Cyclops a.k.a. Caliber X

It's official we started the album on september 18th 2009 ( well we actually started when we recorded "Marsha Brady" but you know how it goes ) We spoke for a minute about the concepts for the album. I've done all the beats already and Cyclops is feeling everything.

I think this joint will be one of my production benchmarks. It felt great to hear Cyclops say that cats have never heard production like that before. I promise your favorite producer will hate me when they hear the album LOL Seriously though i cant wait to hit heads with this joint. I really hope y'all feel it. I'm gonna cook something special up for the cover and i'm actually gonna promote this joint. You know me. I just make music and put it out for y'all cause i'm addicted to making music ( i hope there's some kind of medication for that cause sometimes it gets crazy ) but with this i'm really gonna make an effort to give you something special.

Cyclops is my dude and i love his style. His visuals are crazy insane and i myself am waiting to hear what he's gonna bring to the table with this. We have another track just about done and i can see him stepping his game up crazy already. Cats have no idea what we about to hit em with.

I'll keep y'all posted on all developments.

Equpiment used: Fruity Loops 3, FL studio 7, M audio oxygen 8, PC, mics, pens and pads, a few samples here and there, a lot of original music, dope concept and LIFE.

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