Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The making of The Plexiglass Fountain album. Part 2

Salut. Aight at this point, we are 5 solid joints into the album. It's been crazy to see the concepts start to flesh out into actual songs. I've been in crazy writing mode. This album has my best delivery and writing by far.

The good thing about being in a group is seeing the point of view of another cat on a topic. We got this joint called "what i'm after is....." where we break down a part of life crazy. Fam went in hard on that one. On this other track tentatively called "Rational Geographic" Cyclops went APESHIT. He blacked out on the beat in a wild way. I was hype as fuck when i got the vocals from him.

I woke up today and laid down some vocals for the intro song. I'm bout to go in and fix up one of the songs for cyclops to spazz out over. More updates coming soon.

On a side note. Cyclops just finished up an album with dude. Half Centric ( shit is sounding crazy from what i heard ) check it out on his myspace page. My dude Rasheed Chapppell just sent me the first track off our collaboration EP. The track is called "connect Thought" and it is a MONSTER!!!!!!

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