Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Aight we got the official leak from the album out. We put out the "Marsha Brady" track a while back to get heads tweaking off a little taste of the album and now we got the leak for heads. The album is about 3/4 done at this point. Just a few more vocals left and the final mixdown then BOOM we putting it out. I gotta give XTRA props to Cyclops cause he's a real dude. He says he gonna do something and HE DOE IT. No excuses or cop outs. His work ethic really matches mine and he goes in hard on this album.

"MINE" is a joint that we put out to hold heads over and so far the response to it has been nuts. We dont have any label behind us so we doing all our own leg work as always but even though we in the struggle heads are showing us love for it. The biggest compliment was when i sent AG from DITC ( If you dont know who that is, KILL YOURSELF ) a link to the song and he actually Retwetted it on his page. I was bugging the fuck out cause he's someone i grew up listening to and a certified legend and for him to show heads love like that was BONKERS. Sonically it's a heavy hip hop sounding joint. Very raw and hardcore. Cyclops did the hook and killed his verses ( Dude came up with the idea of calling Money MOLD, as in green bread WTF!!! ) and i wrote mine to finish off the track. We got a couple of blogs to post it and so far heads have been showing love. Thats what's good.

We got the OFFICIAL single we gonna drop in a minute to lead up to the album. In the mean time check for this joint and spread the word.


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